Dan Abraham

Joining Foxtrot Racing isn’t just about being an owner, it’s a full behind the scenes experience.

We’ve re-invented the concept of Syndication to bring a forward thinking approach which goes much further than just owning a share in a racehorse.

We believe that ‘connection’ is key. Foxtrot Racing Members feel connected with their horse, their trainer, their Syndicate Manager and of course each other through a common ownership and interest.

Who runs Foxtrot Racing?

Foxtrot Racing is run by Dan Abraham. Dan brings a refreshingly professional attitude to running syndicates making everyone feels comfortable and part of the team. His enthusiasm and attention to detail ensures Foxtrot Racing offers a fantastic and unique experience.

Dan’s background is in sports coaching and performance and he brings many skills and ideas from other sports into racing. Dan has been Chairman of the Racehorse Syndicates Association for five years, a position voted for annually by other syndicate managers within the industry.

What are the key aspects of Foxtrot Racing?

Foxtrot Racing specialise in national hunt racing, buying horses which have been undervalued by the market. We offer financial transparency and a fun and friendly experience with great communication. Most importantly, the welfare of the horse always comes first.

How does Foxtrot Racing charge?

We charge a management fee per horse per season. This is a fixed amount which is relative to the work put in and the costs involved. The fee is clearly started in our terms and conditons. It’s simple and transparent. We do not charge a ‘capital risk fee’ for our risk in buying horses. There are no uplift on the cost of buying horses. There is no commission on the sale of horses. We don’t just keep subscriptions which weren’t spent through the season. We believe this is the right way to manage a syndicate.

Who trains for Foxtrot Racing?

We use outstanding trainers which currently includes Dr Richard Newland, Jamie Snowden , Martin Keighley, Dan Skelton, Olly Murphy, Richard Hobson and Graeme McPherson.

I’m interested in joining a syndicate

Feel free to give Dan a call on 07880565751 or email [email protected] to discuss your interest in joining a Foxtrot syndicate.

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Below is a question and answer session Dan ran with Foxtrot Members